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In 2019, on the main stage of the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting at Davos, social entrepreneur and Founder of The Valuable 500, Caroline Casey came forward and asked CEOs from the world’s biggest businesses to join her, and break the leadership silence on disability.

Over the two years that followed, the Valuable 500 team engaged with companies all over the world, working towards the ambitious goal of getting 500 CEOs, and their companies, to make a public commitment to disability inclusion.

On 18th May 2021, The Valuable 500 reached the goal which had once seemed impossible, announcing a collective of 500 CEOs of multinational businesses, committed to disability inclusion. It was a truly historic moment.

Today, The Valuable 500 collective includes many of the most influential brands and businesses in the world; Apple, BP, The Coca-Cola Company, EY, Microsoft, Nestle, P&G, Prada, Shell, Sony, Twitter, Unilever, Virgin Media, Verizon, and many more.

Together, they have a combined revenue of over $8 trillion and employ a staggering 20 million people worldwide, representing a huge force to drive the inclusion revolution forward.

The Valuable 500 exists to support and empower its 500 strong collective to systematically transform their businesses, so that they include the 1.3 billion people living with disabilities worldwide, thereby unlocking their business, social and economic potential.

The Valuable 500 has now launched phase two of the campaign, which will see the 500 major organisations work together to make change happen for disability inclusion in business. This work will be delivered through solutions like global disability surveys, disability trend reports, consumer feedback tools, customer experience audits and a representative media content hub.

The Valuable 500 is built on the belief that where business leads, society will follow – meaning truly inclusive businesses, will lead to truly inclusive societies.