Martyn Sibley

Co founder

Digital, Media and Publishing
Picture of Martyn Sibley

Martyn Sibley has a vision for a fully inclusive world. Since 2009 his online content, community and businesses all sit at the cross section of entrepreneurship, social media marketing and disability inclusion.

After gaining a degree in Economics and a master’s in marketing, Martyn started his career at a charity for disability rights. Following his love of blogging and social media, he quickly became a disabled influencer, working predominantly in media and tourism.

In more recent years he’s helped grow Disability Horizons magazine with Liz Croker, alongside business partner Srin Madipalli they co founded Accomable (an accessible travel site that sold to Airbnb), and recently Martyn co founded Purple Goat Agency. The world’s only influencer first disability marketing agency, for brands to connect genuinely with disabled consumers.

Despite starting in a pandemic, the agency is now on track to turnover millions of pounds in revenue this year. Supporting a variety of brands like Tesco, Virgin Media, and Starling bank to help grow their business by working with amazing disabled talent, and creating economic opportunity for the disabled community.

Whether focusing on leisure, travel, relationships, politics, independent living, technology, personal development, entrepreneurship or something else you can be sure Martyn has experienced it, interviewed others about it and made an impact on it through one of his businesses.

“I’ve now been working professionally for disability inclusion for 15 years and this is my 4th time in the top 100 of the Disability Power 100 publication. I can honestly say I’ve never been more hungry to make a positive difference with my work, and never been more proud to be voted in the list. We’re on a tidal wave of change right now and we must all lend our voice and actions to drive this opportunity home. Disability inclusion is a real possibility when the community comes together for the greater good of all disabled people.”