Pippa Stacey

Writer, Blogger and Communications Consultant

Digital, Media and Publishing
Picture of Pippa Stacey

Pippa Stacey is an award-winning writer, blogger and communications consultant based in Yorkshire. She acquired her chronic illness as a young adult, and through sharing her real and authentic experiences has grown a sizeable online community.

Working closely with various disability and chronic illness charities, Pippa has a particular interest in inclusive education and employment. Through her work with the charity Astriid, one of her main goals is to ensure the employment sector becomes more inclusive for people with fluctuating health conditions, and that those who wish to work have accessible opportunities to pursue a career. Additionally, she is working to ensure that the unique challenges of energy-limiting chronic illnesses become a more central part of the conversation about disability and employment.

Pippa is also a keen writer. She shares her personal writing through her blog, Life Of Pippa, and in 2020 published her debut non-fiction book, University And Chronic Illness: A Survival Guide. Pippa has also grown a loyal community through social media and enjoys working with brands and organisations (on both sides of the table!) through influencer marketing, helping to normalise less-visible disabilities and ambulatory wheelchair users in everyday life.

In her free time, Pippa enjoys theatre, books, and fundraising. Above all else, her mission is to share her experiences of living her best life alongside managing a debilitating health condition, and to remind others that there’s truly nobody’s path to follow but your own.


“Making the Disability Power 100 list has always been a life goal of mine, so I’m thrilled beyond words to be part of this year’s shortlist and among people I’ve looked up to for years. Thank you so much for this opportunity, and here’s to flying the flag for people with energy-limiting chronic illnesses!”