Natasha Lipman

Chronic illness blogger and BBC journalist

Through her work as a BBC journalist and her social media presence, Natasha highlights the realities of being a young adult living at the intersection of invisible and visible disability. 

Her writing offers support, education and encouragement to her 23.7k Instagram followers, mostly young women under 35, starting conversations about many topics, like the use of preventative mobility aids, unsolicited advice on social media, and the challenges people face when they ‘don’t look sick’ and live with fluctuating pain and energy levels. Her work has helped people with invisible illnesses gain the confidence to use a mobility aid for the first time and stand up for their access needs. 

Natasha says: “I create the content that would have helped me when I was first diagnosed. I read so much that made me believe that my life was over, that it overwhelmed me. I try to be a positive influence and share a realistic, honest portrayal of life with chronic illness.” 

Natasha is in the process of working with experts to create educational content for her blog, and also highlights the work of inclusive fashion brands. 

As the first person with a chronic illness to be part of the BBC Extend in News Programme for disabled journalists, she has helped ensure that it is accessible for future participants with similar health issues. She encourages talented people living with chronic illnesses to apply, while supporting them to make sure their needs are understood and catered for. In her role for BBC Stories, she specialises in writing about disability and women’s health, and consults with multiple teams for their chronic illness stories.

By being seen on Instagram and at the BBC, she has made herself visible to others facing similar challenges, even when her health can make it hard to leave her room.