Kiera Roche

LimbPower, The Limbless Association

Kiera is the creator and CEO of LimbPower and acting Chief Executive of the Limbless Association. She works to improve services and create groups, support centres and materials for people with limb loss or limb difference.

In 2001 Kiera became a Trustee of the Limbless Association, where she uses her lived experience and professional expertise to help people rebuild their lives through access to information, education and opportunities, as well as physical activity and sport. Kiera has created over 40 resources for people with limb difference, and in the past 17 years she has raised an incredible £1 million for charity through grants and fundraising challenges.

Kiera launched LimbPower in 2009 to support people with limb loss or limb difference to take part in sports, physical activity and the arts. In 2014 she became its Chief Executive and oversaw its qualification as a National Disability Sports Organisation. LimbPower runs activities to increase confidence and build a community to help people get back to activity after trauma. LimbPower also provides expertise to people with limb difference as well as families, health workers, lawyers and more to ensure people have the information and adaptations they need.

Kiera developed the LimbPower Games and the LimbPower Junior Games. Now in their tenth year, the Games have started the Paralympic careers of over 20 people including Dave Henson, captain of the Invictus Games.

In 2003 Kiera created the Ali Fund for Ali Abbas, aged 12, whose home was bombed during the Iraq war, resulting in the deaths of 16 family members and the amputation of both his arms. He was treated in Kuwait and London and provided robotic prosthetic arms. Kiera has secured funding for the LimbFormation website and created the Children’s Prosthetic Fund which has seen over 450 children and young people receive prosthesis for sports and physical activity from the NHS.