Jamie Shields

Registered Blind AuDHD Rhino/ Disability Accessibility ERG Lead at AMS / Self employed also

Community Advocate

My name is Jamie Shields, and I’m a self-described Registered Blind AuDHD Rhino, rhinos are just chubby unicorns with bad eyesight.

I struggled to gain and retain employment most of my life, due to the simple fact, I’m Disabled. I’ve had more jobs than hot dinners and I was navigating a society not designed for me, a society tangled in a web of ableism.

I’m still navigating that society, only now I work with clients to take accountability for accessibility and the inclusion of Disabled People. I found my voice, I found my confidence and I overcame my own internalised ableism.

There’s much to be done when it comes to creating an inclusive society, that is truly accessible to all, and so I spin many plates. I am Disabled by Society, so much so that it’s now my side hustle.

I work as a speaker, consultant, graphic designer, content creator all whilst balancing my cooperate role with AMS as a award winning Disability ERG lead, and Accessibility Lead.

Rhinos change entire ecosystems, I believe Disabled people can change the systems in society that oppress, discriminate and treat us as less.

“For years I had to unpack my own internalised ableism, now I realise it’s not me that’s the problem, it’s a disabling society.”

Group photo of Jamie and colleagues of AMS receiving the British Diversity Awards for outstanding Disability ERG of the year.

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