Anoushé Husain

Civil Servant and Paraclimber

Image of Anoushé Husain

Anoushé is a champion for all those experiencing barriers and self-limiting beliefs.

Born missing her right arm below the elbow, living with multiple health conditions, a cancer survivor, a Muslim and coming from an ethnic minority, Anoushé has never let what society or culture thinks she should do limit her or dictate the direction of her life. She is constantly breaking the mould and challenging not only her own beliefs about her own potential but also that of society and her own culture.

She has become a role model to anyone facing a self-limiting belief or barrier and is sharing her journey to help others unlock their potential. Anoushé candidly talks about her life, including becoming a new ambulant wheelchair-user, how she has remained resilient in the face of huge obstacles and talks about issues that we as a society do not talk about enough. In particular, Anoushé highlights the plight of those stigmatised by society in order to change the misconceptions around these groups. She is heavily driven by teaching others to shed their self-limiting beliefs and help empower them to reach their potential.

A civil servant by day, Anoushé is a paraclimber in the UK and an ambassador for both Ehlers-Danlos Support UK and LimbPower, the leading charity for amputees and those with limb difference.

Anoushé has won multiple awards including being in the Shaw Trust Disability Power 100 and is also a Guinness World Record title holder.

“Keep believing the impossible is possible.”