Anna Landre

Ukraine Crisis Focal Point (The Partnership for Inclusive Disaster Strategies), 2021 Marshall Scholar, 2020 Truman Scholar

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Anna Landre is a wheelchair-user, activist and scholar whose work focuses on the disability policy implementation gap, in which progressive laws and standards often fail to translate to practical improvements in disabled people’s lives. Her work in this area spans the disciplines of humanitarian relief, international development, urban planning and social care and benefits policy.

Anna is a Truman (2020) and Marshall (2021) Scholar and is currently pursuing a master’s degree in international development and humanitarian emergencies at the London School of Economics and Political Science.

She also currently works as the Ukraine crisis focal point at The Partnership for Disaster Strategies. In this role, she spearheaded the launch and evacuation and humanitarian response mechanism with Fight for Right Ukraine to reach disabled Ukrainians being left behind in the international response to the war. Thus far, they have successfully assisted thousands of Ukrainians with disabilities and their loved ones in reaching safety. In the past, Anna also worked with the partnership on disability justice-oriented pandemic relief policies and helped to expand the organisation’s presence in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Before this she served the Washington DC government as a twice-elected advisory neighbourhood commissioner while completing her undergraduate degree in regional and comparative studies at Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service (2021). During this time, Anna conducted research on the implementation gaps of disability laws in Latin America.

Anna’s advocacy efforts have been featured in outlets including the New York Times, Washington Post, Forbes, Vogue, and others.

“Through my work and research, I’ve seen that disabled people thrive when we put in the work to cultivate community – across national borders, across disability types, and more – by caring for and learning from one another. That’s how we change things.”